The Loco-motion (Single)

The Loco-motion (Single)

The last song I heard on the treadmill this morning was The Loco-motion by Little Eva. This song was released in September 1962 and reached #2 in the UK Top 40 the following month. This randomly came up on my iPod and it got me thinking about something you used to like to do, James.

We moved to Louisville in March, 2008 and initially we were renting an apartment close to my work. You turned two in August that year and that Christmas your Mum thought you might like to watch The Polar Express. I think you were a little young so I don’t think you could sit through all of it, but you certainly loved the idea and the story.

So when it came to bedtime, your Mum had a good idea and it became a routine – we would form a line and then we’d go around the apartment like the polar express, visiting each room as we went.

Your Mum would be in front and I would behind her. We’d go to your room first, where you’d be waiting, and we would stop and we’d ask for your ticket and then you’d pretend to jump on board, sandwiched between your Mum and I.

Your Mum would then go off but sometimes there’d be snow on the tracks, or reindeers crossing, so she’d come to a sudden stop and you’d go crashing into her backside. Then I’d bump into you as we all came to a screeching halt. That made you crack up.

Sometimes big brother would join in – he liked to go hide in one of the rooms and then jump out, like a polar bear or some kind of polar monster, and scare you. He’d often scare your Mum too.

It became such a routine that we still did it long after Christmas had been and gone. We left the apartment at the end of February 2009 and moved into the house we rented, and we still did it there. I’m pretty sure we did it right through to early 2011, when you were four.

We moved out of the house in July that year and moved into our present apartment, but I don’t remember doing it here. I don’t even know if you watched The Polar Express much last December because I was travelling with work. Maybe we can watch it together this year. You always liked the part with the hot chocolate, when all the kids sing and dance.

So that’s what I thought of when I heard this song this morning. Totally random and definitely one of those things I probably wouldn’t have considered writing about otherwise. I hope, by reading this, it brings back some happy memories for you :)



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